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3ds emulator no$3dsInstalling the NoGBA Emulator Program Can Be Really Easy!

There isn’t much of a hassle when you are trying to install this program. The installation procedure is just the same as when doing it for regular PC software.  This is what makes it really fun and exciting to have.  It will even launch automatically once the installation process is over and have been dealt with.

nosgba pokemon roms

Currently the only
REAL way to play Nintendo 3DS Roms

What is real is GATEWAY 3DS flash card that in hardware sense "emulates" a 3DS cartridge allowing you to play 3DS ROMs that can be stored on a microSD card. There is no support for Homebrew as of yet, but it is a step in the right direction and GW3DS team is adding new features all the time.

so far after the initial release they have added:

  • region free upgrade making all USA, EUR, JAP, KOR and Chinese games compatible with any console worldwide
  • multi-save game support / sav file backup
  • firmware spoofing like on PS3 where as you can play 3DS firmware 5.1 games on a console with a firmware version 4.5 or even 4.1

Gateway 3DS flash card

more info at

Gateway 3DS review hacked


NoSgba 3DS Version? No$3DS ?

At this time there are no plans for a 3DS version of the No$GBA, so all rumors of the No$3DS are false and you be sure that you will never have to pay for this emulator or fill out some lame survey to get a BIOS file!

Do not believe any sites that advertise something like this:

Download noSgba 3.1a Nintendo 3DS Emulator rom emulator for PC. NoSGBA can play all compatible 3DS Gateway rom games on PC.

And they offer some download that looks like the emulator, but it is missing just this one BIOS filre and to get this nonexisting file they will try to force you to do stuff that makes them money like signing up to sites that pay for refferals or fill out surways that eran them $$$. Ang guess what - at the end you are NOT going to get a working 3DS emulator, becouse the videos and comments they have made are all fake, and your should have known that Emulators are free...

Pokemon 3DS Emulator





Pokemon emulator iOS and Android downloads added. Windows 10 compatible.

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